Postpartum care

Postpartum hemorrhage is a leading cause of maternal mortality. Postpartum hemorrhage can be quite serious. However, quickly detecting and treating the cause of bleeding can often lead to a full recovery.

Without treatment, postpartum hemorrhage can cause death within 2 hours in a healthy woman. Treatment with uterotonics works in many cases, but when uterotonics fail, continued blood loss may lead to a dangerous situation.

Balloon tamponade is an effective adjunct to treatment of severe postpartum hemorrhage may be the only therapeutic measure needed to stop postpartum hemorrhage in critical situations. Within minutes, tamponade treatment predicts if the bleeding is likely to stop or requires surgery. An early decision to use tamponade may reduce blood loss and the need for transfusion.

Ebb - Tamponade system for controlling postpartum hemorrhage


Ebb Tamponade system is a disposable, multiple lumen catheter attached to an inflatable balloon system designed to provide tamponade for controlling hemorrhage from the uterus and vagina.

The device consists of two balloons: The upper uterine balloon is inflated inside the uterus and the lower vaginal balloon is inflated inside the vagina. The uterine and vagina ballons are premanently assembled and are not to be separated.

Inflation is accompished with a saline bag facilitating quick response in emergency situations.

The device is may be retained in position for up to 24 hours.

Ebb provides a complete tamponade solution to the emergency of postpartum hemorrhage.

  • Increased capacity for complete conformation to the uterus, when needed
  • Rapid, direct inflation for quick response time
  • Dual balloon for secure, complete treatment of both uterine and vaginal bleeding
  • Ease of administration that advances the treatment of postpartum hemorrhage

The balloon is made of malleable yet extremely strong polyurethane, allowing Ebb to expand and

conform to any uterine shape.

Ebb also features a vaginal balloon to control vaginal bleeding and act as an anchor to support the uterine balloon. External ports allow independent control of inflation, deflation, irrigation, and drainage.

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Jetty - The Solution for Episiotomy and Vaginal Laceration Repair


Jetty is indicated for use during episiotomy and vaginal laceration repair to temporarily prevent the postpartum discharge of fluids from the vagina in order to assist with the repair procedure.

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